Saturday, October 17, 2009

State Fair

I'm going to the State Fair today. I've never been to a state fair before. Can you imagine? To be honest, I have seen pictures and I'm not thrilled about the animals. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the animals, it's the smell I could do without. They don't looked thrilled to be there either.
Anyway, I have also seen pictures of the food. That is what I am looking forward to. I must say the chocolate fried bacon sounds interesting but more than likely I won't try that. Maybe I'm too conservative. I'll stick with the funnel cake.
I have noticed that the older I get I pay more attention to detail then I have before. I use to eat hot dogs from street vendors in New York. You couldn't pay me any amount of money to eat them today. From the time the vendor puts his hands in the pot and pulls out the hot dog with his fingers, to the grease covered case he pulls the buns out, is a stomach churning event and all of that is before I put it in my mouth. That NASTY I can't look past.
I have a feeling the state fair might be the same. My friends tell me to pray over it and hope for the best. There is a flaw in that but if I stop to figure it out I won't go to the fair. So I won't put too fine a point on it, move on and....
Enjoy Life!

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Imagery by Kimberly said...

Oh so true! I wouldn't be able to have the hotdogs either..I no longer eat pork - once I became aware of how intelligent pigs are I just can't. I'm definitely also more aware of the details as I get older too.