Friday, July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson in Second Life

It was an interesting adventure I had today. I saw what people were doing to work out their grief over the passing of Michael Jackson. They were not about making money but just the opposite. They wanted to honor the music and talent of this human.

It was a welcomed change from what I constantly see on television. I seemed to slip away from the "how and why" he passed on to what he did with his musical talents.
I'm sure all of those questions surrounding his death will be answered someday but for this day the people in the online game of Second Life were interested solely in celebrating the man and his music.
The sheer magnitude and labor intense exhibits were fascinating. If you have the opportunity to go in world, just do a search for Michael Jackson and many memorial exhibits will pop up. Whatever way you feel about Michael Jackson, this one thing seems to be true at this time. He touched the lives of many.

Let's Talk About Love

I enjoy listening to this song. Here are two versions of the song. There were some who actually tried to compare the two. I thought that was crazy. They both bring something different to the song and present different interpretations. I happen to enjoy both. FYI, there are many other renditions of this song but I happen to enjoy these two. I hope you do too.

Inventory Organization

A while back I had a situation wherein I had to return things to an avatar in the online game of Second Life. It was difficult and frustrating for me because my inventory of objects I have collected over the years has grown. Just like an unorganized closet or a messy house in real life, when you need to put your hands on something, you may not be able to. This was the case with me. So what I ended up having to do is go through my inventory piece by piece, item by item to find things. Not cool!

For those of you who want to try the online game of Second Life, this is one of the first lessons you really need to know. How to organize your inventory is a crucial lesson. There are several places to purchase items to help you organize your inventory. Above you will find pictures of some of the places I found in the online game of Second Life. If you do a search while in world, they will pop up.

Interesting to note that if you know how to script and build you can make your own and many have. There are also classes to teach you how to organize your inventory as well. Some of the classes are free and some have a fee. Once again if you search for classes while in world several will pop up.
Well, I am only half way through my inventory now but I am not in any hurry. Once I get it all organized, you can bet, I plan to stay that way. It just makes it easier to....

Enjoy Life!