Tuesday, July 6, 2010


"Now that's a deep subject", my good friend would say.
Today, is hot and most of the visitors around the lake have gone home. We still have a few and it's great to see and hear the children having fun.
I am a great believer that no matter what, kids will find fun. They have such great imaginations when undisturbed.
I have been using my inner child to create so much this summer. I am currently working on several theatre scripts at the same time. It's WONDERFUL!!
It's always fun trying to keep up with my own ideas:)
Anyway, I am on a bow kick now. I have made so many hair bows that I had to force myself to stop.
I also have a puzzle mini album I am creating and will put up in my Etsy shop soon.
My Etsy shop is doing better than I expected. There are several of you out there that enjoy my "Onesie" chipboard mini albums. I think I will make some "Onesie" card baby announcements. I actually saw some in Wal-mart yesterday and thought, I could make that a bit better. We'll see.
Well, back to my work and fun. I suppose I will go play in some oil, canola oil that is. I am going to try and make some fried potatoes. This dish has been very difficult for me to master. It's fairly simple. Actually it's SIMPLE. I just can't perfect it. It's either to greasy or too dark, or just not good. I want to make the perfect golden potato discs.
I am armed with a new 5lb bag of russet potatoes and a great cutting knife so here I go again. If I get this right I will....

Enjoy Life!