Sunday, February 19, 2012

Card Challenge

My friend Roxy is doing a card challenge on YouTube. I have been participating in the challenge and have had a great time doing so.
I must confess, I am not a card maker but would love to some day be able to make beautiful cards.
Have you taken a look at how much cards cost today? Yes, making cards is not a bad thing to do. I also love the personal touch and attention to detail that is given to each handmade card.
So, with that said I have been participating in this challenge and hope to continue to do so until it runs it course.
I hope you like the cards I have made. If you want to make some cards and need some materials to create with, head on over to my etsy shop and get you some blank cards and tags. They are there ready to be altered and embellished. Come on out and play. I am sure you will....

Enjoy Life!