Sunday, July 12, 2009

Smellie What?

On my many travels in the online game of Second Life and in Real Life, I always manage to find things that make me smile.
Recently, I was driving around looking for unique shops and I ran into one that made me smile. The name of the store is called, "Smellie Bloomers". I thought what an odd name for a store. The store was gorgeous on the outside but it was closed so I couldn't find out what kinds of items they were selling. I simply loved the chairs on the porch of the store.
As I left the store, I noticed a van parked next to the store. On the back of the van it said,"Follow me to Smellie Bloomers". I wondered how many people actually did.
It dawned on me then that they probably sell FLOWERS. What a great name for a flower shop. Maybe one day I will visit and purchase some wonderful Smellie Bloomers.

Enjoy Life!