Friday, February 15, 2013

Never say goodbye

I am one of those people who struggles with what to get for the special people in your life.
Yesterday was Valentine's Day. It happens to be one of my favorites as special days go.
Not only because of the chocolates but because I get to show my husband how much I love him.
As many years as we have been together, we are truly in love and enjoy each other.
Getting him a special present is still an issue I must admit. This year I decided to give him yet another song. He really enjoyed it.
The song is the theme song for a movie entitled, "The Promise". We decided we would watch the movie as well. It is a great romantic story so I enjoyed it.
What was very interesting was that as I was recording this song for my husband, he came home and you can hear him at the end of the song say, "I'm home".  He's such a wonderful husband. He is the reason I .......

Enjoy Life!