Monday, May 31, 2010

Summer's Bounty Pergola

Today was lovely but we are in for a storm. As I write I hear the thunder rolling in and I see the rain drops from my window.
I loved spending part of my day in the online game of Second Life. I went by my favorite sim, Julia's sim, and as usual she did not fail in creating the best pergola I have ever seen in the online game.
This pergola is equipped with everything you need to enjoy those relaxing summer moments. With couches and wonderful animations included, it is a steal for 875L.
I bet this would look good on any land in the online game of Second Life, even yours. Maybe you might want to consider exchanging or upgrading that old and outdated pergola for a new and improved design. I hope you do. I bet you will....
Enjoy Life!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fishing hole

What a wonderful day to be out by the water! I love fishing, however, I didn't indulge in this wonderful hobby until I was a very grown person. I still abhor putting worms and other such creatures on the hook of my fishing pole but somehow I still claim to love fishing.
To be completely honest I think the whole act of fishing to be very prehistoric but conversely, I feel very relaxed while fishing. I have not worked those feeling out to make much sense yet but maybe some of you know what I mean.
I will go fishing today and plan to just let the pole hang from the pier. If there are any fish out there that happen upon my rod, fear not, you will be released back into the murkiness you call home to continue to....

Enjoy Life!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Counting the days

Another grey day. They always make me want to hibernate.
Today was yet another day closer to summer break. Just wondering what I will do this summer is a cheerful thought. The possibilities are many. One thing I know I want to do is go to the beach. Oh, how I love the water. I believe that will be my first trip. Next I think I will venture to Broadway. Just to give my regards and share a smile with friends of the theatre.
I think I'll just ride out the rest of the summer with whatever comes my way. Sounds like a great plan to me.
It will all be over in two shakes. It always is. For now however, I will enjoy the moment of excitement. Could that be a smile I am wearing? Yes, I do believe it is. Find your smile and you too will....
Enjoy Life!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rainy Day

Today is a rainy day. Yesterday was a rainy day as well, however, I was able to stay in bed yesterday whereas today I had to go to work. I love sleeping on a rainy day. It is oh so easy to do. The sound of rain falling on the roof just lulls me to sleep.
Well, the reality is I had to go to work today. The great new is, I love what I do. I say that and then turn around and say, only two more weeks and it's summer break, yeah!!!!!
We all need a break, even from the things we love to do.
I have been spending a great deal of my time working, crafting and creating in the online game of Second Life. I talk to my artist friends in the online game and I love staying in touch with people who love to dream, create and play as much as I do.
This evening I will go explore a few sims and I'll report back to you. Grab a cup of coffee and I'll tell ya all about what's new in the online game of Second Life (at least the part I like to visit).
Enjoy Life!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Kind of Fool?

It's always funny where my inspiration comes from when I write. Today the inspiration came from this song. This is an old time favorite of mine and still is as moving today as it was oh so many years ago. I have created a lovely short story today and I feel great about that. Hope you are doing great today. Always try and find something that helps you....

Enjoy Life!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Goodbye Lena

We lost another classic. She was a great deal of things to a great deal of people. She represented a type of turmoil, a battle if you will. To look as striking as she did on the outside but was someone that displeased the very people who praised her.
In one breath some would praise her beauty and talent and with the same breath ask why was she so angry.
I don't think some will ever get it but those who do, you will understand when I say, "I too Marvel".
Rest in Peace Ms. Lena Horne and thank you for sharing your gifts with those who know talent comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Enchanted Secret Garden

My dear friend and excellent artist in the online game of Second Life has done it again!

Julia Hathor has created the Enchanted Secret Garden. It is absolutely beautiful. I have no idea where her inspiration comes from. I do know this virtual sight is the best garden I have seen in the online game.I love the waterfall and beautiful fish swimming around your feet as you swing from an old oak tree. There is a hammock for those romantic couple who want to sit and talk about sweet nothings.There is so much to explore in the enchanted secret garden. There are "secrets" in the secret garden. You don't want to miss this. What is wonderful about this creation as well as others Julia has made is that they are easy to put together. She has done all the hard work and left us with sheer magic. Life is wonderful so go out and....

Enjoy Life!

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Terrific Week

I had an absolutely terrific week. It is about that time again when the teaching year is winding down. Everyone is looking forward to a lovely summer holiday.
I don't have anything planned. My life works best like that. I always take a class or two in something I find interesting and relevant. In fact I started a class today.
I'm learning to sew with a serger. I first learned to sew with a regular machine while in college. I took a costume design class and it was the best thing ever. I had so much fun and I can't tell you how valuable that training was. I never learned how to use the serger and was always scared because of all the spools of thread and such.
After lesson one I know so much and I can report that I am no longer fearful of threading the serger.
Life in the online game of Second Life has been interesting too. I continue to meet people I would never meet where I live and we share experiences. I still say that the residents in the online game of Second Life are the most talented and creative people I have never seen:)
I finally had the opportunity to watch the movie Avatar. I was so impressed by many things. It is a long movie and if I am going to be honest I can't really critique it because I have not seen the whole movie. I fell asleep. It is a long movie!
Anyway, in the part of the movie I saw, the humans "link" up with an avatar and join other avatars. The similarities are extreme in comparison to the online game of Second Life and I do wonder if those involved in that nine year venture ever played the game.
I suppose I should start earlier watching the movie so I can see the whole thing. It's not a school night so maybe I can stay up.
Who am I kidding? During this school year I have gotten into a pattern. When the sun goes down, so do I. It's not a bad thing actually. I've felt really rested in the morning. With the proper rest I have been able to....
Enjoy Life