Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Like Dreaming

It's a wonderful Sunday evening and I have had the most lovely weekend at the lake with my family. Some might say resting and lolloping about is absolutely no fun but I would be prepared to defend my position.
Well, mothers day and my birthday have come and gone. My duel celebration was lovely as well.
I am so looking forward to the break that summer brings with it. I say it every year and every year it's true, summer break gets shorter and shorter.
This year I have plans. I hope I have the discipline to execute them. Let's see, I'll share this much. I plan to continue writing, The Adventures of Viv Writer. I don't think I'll ever finish and to be honest I don't think I want to. I love the characters I've created, the places and situations I put them in. It's a fantastic adventure to write. I also plan to write a musical for my students. That is an ambitious goal considering I lack a few requirements needed to make this a success. I also plan to eat properly. Ummm seriously, eating during the summer is an issue for me. When working, I don't have time to snack and go out to eat the way I do during the summer.
I love being in the online game of Second Life. I love being in a place where I feel a peace that is so wonderful to create in. My friends in the online game are fantastic and extremely supportive of my efforts. I don't think I've ever had such kind words said to me. The kind words just fuel me and I live on them.
Each summer I spend at the lake I feel that much closer to the beach. Maybe one day I will wake up in my dream cottage at the beach with my typewriter, decaf coffee, and glasses. It's a dream that makes me smile broadly. Even if it never comes true, that dream alone would have made me smile a lifetime. In this case I guess it's alright to dream my life away. It helps me....

Enjoy Life!