Sunday, October 24, 2010

Singing to the Moon

This is a beautiful song by Matraca Berg. I was introduced to it in 2008. As I was writing an episode of, The Adventures of Viv Writer, this song popped in my head. It was very inspirational. It just seemed to capture the mood and tone of the episode. If you get an opportunity to visit the online game of Second Life, drop by my shop and pick up an episode or two of, The Adventures of Viv Writer. They are a joy to write and writing them helps me to relax and....

Enjoy Life!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Shari should have won Sunday's Best years ago. She did win first runner up which is something wonderful to be proud of.Her album is well worth a listen and if you can, purchase the cd. The message is powerful and is carried on the wings of a powerful voice.I listen and it helped me know I can ....

Enjoy Life!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


This is one of my favorite production numbers. I saw the original on Broadway with Ben Vereen. I was amazed! He amazed me!

It was not until years later that I would see him again in a one man show. It was amazing! He amazed me.... again.

What happen to production numbers like this? Do answer that. I actually know the answer.

I like to look back at this video. It makes me smile and helps me ....

Enjoy Life!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Raven Hollow

Well, it's Sunday night again and guess what? I have to work in the morning.

Many others are off because of Columbus Day but not me. I have to work. Oh well, I'll remember this when I have two months off for the summer.

I dropped in on my friend, Julia, today. She has such great sims. Because it's the month Halloween is celebrated I just knew Raven Hollow would be the place to go. I was right. It's as spooky as ever!

I love it here. It's Elegant Fright:) The birds in the trees remind me of the movie, The Birds. Remember that one? The houses Julia builds in the online game of Second Life are so wonderful that I wish she could build one like this one for me in real life. She gives such attention to detail. I have seen others try but they really do pale in comparison.

Well, I have been inspired by Raven Hollow so I must go and create! I love creating. It just makes me ....

Enjoy Life!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Another Week

It's been another interesting week. It didn't start off great and to be honest, I've been through better Fridays but anytime I have time to spend with my family and "be still", I'm happy.
It's early in the a.m. and I am up, while my family is enjoying a peaceful rest.
I took a nap when I got home so I'm up and ready to go.
I ventured into my favorite online game, Second Life. What is great about Second Life is that my friends from all over the world are up and ready to spend time with me. We chat and have a grand ole time.
As someone once said, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere".
I continue to write and create in rl and in sl. I really do have a great time and it is not uncommon for me to feel guilty for the joy I feel. I get over that and continue to have fun. I think I really enjoy shopping for creative crafty things. Since coupons have come into my life I have this idea in my head that every store should offer coupons. I really don't like shopping without coupons. When you purchase something for 50% off, you just feel GREAT! I do!
Anyway, I'm gonna work on some boxes tonight. I'll take some pictures and show you. I think I might put them in my etsy store as kits. I simply love boxes, tags, and cards.
Go make something great and ....
Enjoy Life!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Just another one of those Mondays

Hey everyone! It has been one of those strange Mondays. What is really eerie is that I felt it coming on. I had a restless night and didn't think it would be a good day.
As I am writing this, I think, well, maybe it was not a good day for me because I didn't get a good nights rest. Hmmmm. Could be?
Anyway, it was a long day filled with problems I had to solve. I hadn't had one of these days in a while and I must say, I could do without another.
I can't say I ever really liked Mondays but I never really dreaded them either. Now, we have meetings on Mondays. That is a real drag as we work all day and and then sit down to a meeting. How fresh can your brain be?
While I am venting, I must say in the same breathe that I am still grateful to have a job that I do enjoy. I am so very happy to do a job I love to do and can do.
It's alright to vent but a reality check is also in order too.
I have really enjoyed escaping to my virtual online game, Second Life. I really enjoy my friends and love when we share stories and experiences with each other. It's a great place and I would highly suggest it to only those who can handle virtual worlds. There are many virtual worlds to choose from. Second Life was the one I was introduced to and probably the only reason I stay there is because I was first introduced to that world. Many of my friends are not only in Second Life but they are in another virtual online game called, InWorldz.
To me they are extremely similar. I have set myself up in a proper shop in Second Life and really don't feel a need to venture into other worlds right now but who knows, maybe I will feel differently later on today or tonight.
Anyway, I enjoy the whole premise of virtual worlds and the good they provide for creative artists and people who just want to talk to other people and share experiences. Now to me that is diversity!
I hope your Monday was better than mine and that you continue to....
Enjoy Life!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It has been awhile...

Well, yes it has been awhile since I have blogged a thing or two.

I have been doing a load of things. From creating mini albums to playing with my bags, tags, boxes and more.

I have had loads of fun "doing" things. I can't say, however, that any of this has benefited anyone but me. How very selfish of me right? Sorry:(

Anyway, the Fall Season is upon us here and I love the look as the leave change colors.

Are we rejoicing in the death of the leaves because the spring will bring us new life.

I think it is wonderful that we celebrate all the seasons. Especially if you consider not everyone can celebrate all the seasons. There are some who only have one, maybe two.

As it is, we don't have much of a winter where I live but it is just enough of it to get ones attention.

As far as my writing, I have had much success with this and if I am not anything else, I must say I am persistent. Maybe, I just enjoy writing and that's where the fuel is.

What fuels your engines? Find out what it is and give your engine a great dose of it,"do your thing" and....

Enjoy Life!