Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Great Big Hug!

Thank you so much for supporting me! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the residents of Second Life who have purchased my child animations. They are fun to make and you purchasing them makes me feel really good. I had been made to feel a "certain way" about being a child avatar at one time but I realize everyone has an opinion and I don't have to agree with it nor do I need to let negative unkind people have an affect on me. People are child avatars for whatever reason they choose. I love it because I have fun playing. If that makes me anything negative in your mind, that is your mind and I'm just glad it's not mine. Good luck with that.

I will get back to making more and largely because of the many suggestions you have given me. They are all "do-able" and I will get right on it once I have finished the last bits and pieces of my book. I am having too much fun with that.

My very dear friend purchased membership for me in the Romance Writers of America. I want to finish my book in time for the conference which is coming up very soon. Maybe I will see you there.

I was so shocked to received such a wonderful, and thoughtful gift of becoming a member of the Romance Writers of America. It feels good when someone enjoys what you do so much that they want to support you in some way. That gesture alone not only opened doors for me as a writer but made me feel worthy of going through those doors. You just gotta have FRIENDS! I am lucky I got some and wouldn't trade nuffin for 'em.

Enjoy Life!