Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fresh Fields

This was one of my favorite British sitcoms years ago.

Enjoy Life!


What a wonderful movie. I enjoyed many things about it but mostly, the acting. There are some who really know how to tell a story. Thanks you for entertaining us with this lovely historical piece.
Tonight is the the conclusion of, The Return to Cranford.

Wonderful.... wonderful

Oh, I have much to think about. Well, not really, as things go. I have had a few problems with my mac computer. Since the beginning really, but I will say the company has been wonderful, so far, in making corrections and the problems have been minimal.
I love my mac and really, at this time, miss working with it but I have a great need for a more powerful computer. So, here is where the conflict comes in. I love how mac portable laptops are but the mac desk tops have the power and value I seek.
I keep flipping back and fourth. Today, I have decided to go with the laptop but dare I say that by noon I will have changed my mind back to the desktop.
The good news is that either machine will be a welcomed change and be a positive move in my life. I am glad to be a mac customer and truly only use my pc unless made to. The price of a mac is more severe than that of most pc but I must conclude that you get what you pay for.
I shouldn't be so harsh on the pc but I suppose much of my disdain is coming from prior negative experiences that shut my pc down that I don't seem to have with the mac.
Well, I will continue to waffle about. I will admit I do find joy in debating the pros and cons. I'll get back to it then and ....
Enjoy Life!