Sunday, December 9, 2012


Simple Little Rag Doll

In the online game of second life you can choose almost anything as your avatar. I was a little doll or little girl avatar at one time. It was fun. I dressed my little doll in beautiful clothes, wrote wonderful children stories. I had a wonderful time. Others thought sinister things about that but that is because they are sinister people to begin with. I tend to put those people on mute and carry on with life.
I have always loved little dolls. If the truth be told I still do. I don't collect them but I do appreciate them when I see them. I love the vintage ones the best. The old rag dolls are my favorite. In this day and age of computer dolls and such, it's great to reach back to something very simple.
On YouTube, Va had a challenge to make her rag dolls so I join in. I absolutely loved it. I want to design my own now. They were so much fun to make.
Find the simple pleasure in life. You too will....

Enjoy Life!