Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Friend Tamra Sings!

Today I had the delight to hear Tamra sing and Xander play the violin in the online game of Second Life. I really enjoy her streaming in live from New York. If you get the opportunity to go to one of her concerts I promise you will not be disappointed. Both Tamra and Xander are talented beyond words and we are blessed to have Second Life to bring their music to us.
Everyone there today had an incredible time. Thank you Tamra and Xander for sharing your great talent. He was streaming from Holland and Tamra was streaming from New York. They were just fabulous!
By the way, she will be back at the end of July. You simply must be there.
I think "Fields of Gold" brings me to tears each time I hear it. The finale was awesome! Tamra sang, "Time to say goodbye". Just awesome.

All the Best

What I find wonderful living where I do are the kind people. I always knew I would have to live near kind people. I was walking down by the water yesterday and a neighbor called me over and offered me fresh vegetables. How cool was that? It was very cool and very kind.
My neighbors have large fields and they love to grow vegetables on their land. I was happy to be the recipient of these fresh vegetables. With the holidays upon us, I can't wait to grill some of these vegetables.
I am grateful for kind people around me.