Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Elements of Design

Today in the online game of Second Life I went to a place called, Elements of Design. I saw an ad of theirs in my copy of Prim Perfect magazine. I'm noticing all the good places are further toward the back of the magazine:)
Anyway, I went and found the best furniture! You must go and see this place.
There is a great deal more than furniture there. Clearly, we are dealing with an artist here who knows the ELEMENTS OF DESIGN. Everything is amazing!
There is a pub in the area and its decorated with furniture from, Elements of Design (surprise). On the table in the pub, however, there is a snow globe. I LOVE globes. I would say I collect them but like my special handmade pepper mills, I tend to give them to special friends so I can't say I collect them. I would love to.
The snow globe on the table was fabulous and I simply had to have one. So, I found out who made it and went to that store. What would my lovely eyes see when I arrived? MAGIC! This creative artist designed many snow globes (she even has one globe called "Big Ass Globe" and it really is) and music boxes. I still can't decide which one to purchase.
When I decide I'll show you. Until then....
Enjoy Life!