Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everything will be kk

In the online game of Second Life it is not uncommon for avatars to end a sentence with, "kk". Somtimes "kk" is the sentence. Someone will ask a question, "I'm gonna be right back, kk?" or maybe someone will tell the other avatar what they are getting ready to do, "I'm gonna be away from the computer", and a response might be. "kk". What does "kk" mean? It simply means okay. There are many words abbreviated in Second Life but I think "kk" is rather cute.

In real life and in second life I constantly hear people complain about money. To be sure, I am complaining about it too but I think if we just hang in there things will change for the better. Here is to hoping things turn around for the better real soon. kk

Enjoy Life!

Tamra Sands

I am so excited my friend, Tamra Sands sang today. If you haven't heard her sing in Second Life I hope you will. She was streaming live from New York. You may have seen Tamra Sands aka Tamra Hayden, on Broadway, as that is where she has been in many productions. Go Tamra! I'll put some of her songs up for you to hear. You might want to go to the bottom of the blogs and see the You tube video of her performance in Second Life.

Enjoy Life!


I met Torin yesterday. He was such a kind soul. Evidently the last animation I was in put me in the sitting position. As I walked around the online game, Second Life, I had no idea I was still in the sitting position. Kind Torin told me and gave me something to fix the situation. Thanks and safe paths Torin!

My Second Life Photos

I enjoy taking pictures in the online Second Life. I found this wonderful place to do so. It's so big that I have gone several times and still have not finished exploring. Above are a few snaps I took today.

Books by Melissa Mayhue

I simply had the most fun last night. I was invited to sit in on a "pitch" session. I met the most extraordinary people. These established writers were so kind to invite me and the conversation was intelligent, witty, and humorous. This writers group was very supportive and kind. Wow, what a great way to spend the evening? I was so inspired and can't wait to read their books.