Monday, June 8, 2009

I Feel So Close To You Now

It's closer than ever now, vacation that is. Vacation is a beautiful word in any language. As the time for a vacation draws near I feel so close to those days filled with rest, fun, laughter, meals cooked on the grill and lazy afternoons.
I am getting my reading lists ready and shopping for things that will make being lazy all the more easy.
You know, I could get use to lazy, hazy, days of summer.

Enjoy Life!

The Black Cat

My friend Julia Hathor has done it again! She has created another fabulous work of art. The name of this house is, The Black Cat. I had to go and see it. I really enjoyed it and purchased one after my tour of this wonderful house.
I can't believe the wonderful attention to detail, yet she is known for this in all of her work. Many of her creations stand out largely because there are very few who can do what she does so well.
If you can, please go by and see The Black Cat. If you like what you see drop a kind word in the form of a note, if you can. I'm sure you will find as I did that Julia is one of Second Life's residents who is kind and friendly.
As Always,
Enjoy Life!