Sunday, October 11, 2009 Hollow/136/175/33/?title=Raven Hollow

Raven Hollow

I went to Raven Hollow today and took some pictures. It was scary to be sure. Julia is a fabulous designer and artist. Please go by and you too will be thrilled. Each time I go I find something else new.
This time I found the bats! They were just hanging around. Then there was the bear! It was a cute bear and it was animated. Julia does very well with animating her animals. This bear has his arm around a basket of berries. Truly a must see.
Enjoy Life!

The Way I See It

"It's always darkest before the dawn". That phrase seems to fit me so well today. Yesterday I was low but today is a great deal brighter. This tends to happen to many of us. I actually choose to be positive and not let negative thoughts take over. It just seems to work for me.
Today I enjoyed a lovely church service with people who touched my heart. This was Homecoming Sunday. I thought that was odd at first because I didn't understand. I'm still not sure I fully comprehend what it really means but here is what I got from it.
This Sunday was a wonderful opportunity to come back home to the church especially for those who have been away for a long time. It was also an opportunity to ponder why your church is home and what makes it a home. Lastly, it was a time to take note that this place we live in is not a permanent home. As depressing as that may sound, it is indeed the truth.
Some spend a lifetime creating beautiful and magnificent homes and for what? To live in and to leave to other family members (to fight over) but it's only for a relatively short period of time. I suppose one could say, "Well, while I'm here I am going to create the best home ever"! That indeed is a great way to look at it but at what cost to you and others?
That is just how I see it.
I try to live a life that includes giving, caring, loving, and listening to my heart.
Enjoy Life!