Friday, December 11, 2009


Well, I've been really busy in real life but I want to share my new toy. It's a wonderful binding machine. At first I thought that it was just another binding machine, big deal, but this one is really different and I am filled with many lovely ideas. In another blog I'll have to show pictures of the many books I've created with matching cards. I have made several books based on the online game of Second Life and created matching cards too.

Might I suggest you look at the many youtube videos and see what it's all about. I really think you will like what you see and want one. I do have yet another suggestion. Use a coupon to purchase one from any of the craft stores that carry zutter products (i.e. Hobby Lobby). They are a bit pricey but with a 50% off coupon you will enjoy it even more. Have fun and....

Enjoy Life!