Sunday, May 29, 2011

SL where Imagination is Free to Everyone

I have not posted my thoughts about the online game of Second Life in a while. I am still active there and love being apart of that world. I am still writing short stories. Here is a little something from "The Life Worth Living".

The bedroom is warm in temperature as it is in the luxurious comforts afforded to those who reap the benefits of years of success.

The stripped and floral canopy bed with goose-feathered comforters and the huge pillows only compliment gold satin sheets.

Gary is allergic to goose feathers and consented to take medicine to please his wife. He is also allergic to the liquid potpourri but he really enjoys the scent and finds it very relaxing.

There is a three-step ladder in the middle of either side of the bed. The bed is high for several reasons. One reason is Maxie, their Teacup Yorkie. She was a gift from a fan from Raeford, North Carolina.

As much as the couple wanted to decline the gift, Maxie was too cute to deny.

It was not until Gary and Adel got home did they realize that the dog was not compatible to their home.

Maxie falls into everything. She has been accidentally stepped on; kicked, pushed, and flushed too many times times to count.

Once Adel was holding Maxie while in bed and fell asleep. Gary got in the bed without knowing Maxie was there too. Had it not been for Adel’s keen hearing, poor Maxie's whimpers would have gone unnoticed.

The steps on either side of the bed are far too large for Maxie to climb. The bed is so high up that she has a small puppy bed under their bed.

I enjoy creating and I must give much of the credit to the online game of Second Life because that place inspires me. I feel welcomed to create. Maybe you would like to take a trip and see what it's all about. Who knows? Maybe you too will....

Enjoy Life!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I love these songs. They were with me as a young person and made me feel wonderful. They do the same magic for me now.

Enjoy Life!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This is my all time favorite music. I remember when my husband and I were driving to New York, we listened to Steve and Eydie the entire trip. We thought we were the new Steve and Eydie. It was a great time.
I have had the dream of seeing them in concert since I was a teenager. Mind you, I have only been to one concert in the whole of my life.
I did have the opportunity to see them when I was in Las Vegas in the 90's but NO it Did Not happen. I still can't believe I didn't see them. It's true that some opportunities only come once in a life time. That was the one time and I MISSED it.
In anycase I love their music and wish I had a video recording of their show. I know it was great.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Being Me

Well, it feels good to feel good!!
This is the time of year I enjoy. Why? I am close to summer break. Summer break goes by so quickly.
In the next few weeks there is so much planned for me. I love when my agenda is full. It gives me something to feel good about. Go fill up your calendar and...

Enjoy Life!