Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tag You're It

Creating this was fun. It's a tag for my album and it has a special area to journal on the back. I had fun picking out the fibers to put on it. I love the drama masks as well.
I did a cracked look which I was surprised worked. I saw the tutorial on this technique from one of my friends online and tried it out. I love utee:)
Creating is fun for me. It helps me to....
Enjoy Life!


Don't tell my husband but this is the new man in my life:) Just kidding! I don't know Tim Holtz except through his amazing line of stamps and other crafting items.
I love what Tim Holtz has done for crafting. I have learned so much by watching his videos. I can't say I have alot of his products but I enjoy the ones I have.
Have a watch and maybe it will will inspire you to....

Enjoy Life!

Happy Valentines Day

Well, it's been sometime since my last blog and so much is going on. Let's see, the most recent is the.... SNOW! We have not been snowed in like others and we clearly did not have a blizzard by any stretch of the imagination but we had a bit of snow Friday night. It was absolutely beautiful. By Saturday afternoon it was a beautiful memory.

I have had such fun playing and creating in and out of Second Life. I am now armed with a great tool called, ATG. It is a wonderful adhesive tool. It's on the pricey side but well worth it. This tool is a must if you craft. I have learned that spending my money on one good product is worth more than spending my money on stuff I'll have to throw away because it doesn't work after using it once or twice. It's just not worth it. Buy the right tool for the job and march on.

I found.... CHIPBOARD! I have been creating mini albums and I discovered all of these chipboard pieces in the craft stores. I decided I wanted to make some of my own. Well, I had a rocky start, to say the least. It was fun and there was great entertainment value in it. I learned what not to do and thought I would share my first pieces with you. With any luck I will get better and show you some better looking pieces later:)

Next, I began to create tags for my mini album. Creating tags was a great deal of fun. I plan to do some Viv Writer tags and a line of tags called, Scenes from Second Life. Here are a few of my first tags. I don't mind sharing them with you as everyone has to start somewhere and I hope to grow from here. I do plan to sell my tags in my etsy shop so email me if you would like the name of the my shop and the link to my shop.

Well, I think that is all for now. It's Valentines Day so I hope you all have a wonderful, romanctic day and enjoy the love of your life. I made these lovely pillow boxes with m&m's for the sweet people in my life:)

Be sweet and....

Enjoy Life!