Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flash back

I remember the first typewriter I received. It was not a corona but it was probably the most import item I ever owned. I still have it and it is still very precious to me. A neighbor thought enough of me to leave it to me prior to her passing on.
I remember visiting and typing or maybe I was just playing. Either way, I was having a great time. Oddly enough when she passed on, I couldn't type anything. I took it home and placed it on my desk. It gathered dust for two years. I packed it up and took it to college with me. I didn't use it at college but I carried it with me from one year to the next.
I suppose it was one of those tokens that made me feel good.
Today, those of us who remember typewriters remember good and bad things about them. Yes, I do prefer computers but I still like to take out the typewriter and set it up. I actually tried to type on it recently and my fingers were hurting at the end of paragraph one.
Above you will see a typewriter I found at a vintage place online in Second Life. I love looking at it and I have decorated my shop with it. It adds style to my place. Here's to the old typewriter!
Enjoy Life!