Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I went to a lovely shop today. It is called The Home Store. The address is:
I was like a kid in a candy shop. There was so much to see and I wanted it all. From the quilted beds and jelly cabinet with the screened doors to the blanket chest with folded quilts. I loved it all. I was happy to see many of the items because I once had similar items in my inventory but no longer had. It gave me a chance to have them again. I did purchase many of those same items again. Having them makes me smile the way the other did too. I do enjoy looking at them so.
Kaye Robbiani is the creator of the touching artwork. I hope you go by and see objects that make you feel like you are Home Sweet Home.

Enjoy Life!

Off again...

This time, I'm off to...

Well, I packed my bags and headed out on the online game of, Second Life. I found this wonderful rustic place today. A wonderful artist, Grace Loudon, creates wonderful rustic artwork. She is a content creator and has been in Second Life since 2005.
You can guess which area was my favorite. If you guessed the kitchen, you win the coffee bean. The kitchen was my favorite place. I love kitchen gadgets, pots, plates, and anything "kitchen".
The first wonderful animation Grace has in the kitchen is "kneading the bread". I loved it! The animation included getting flour, tossing it on the dough, and kneading it. It was clever. Other animations included "using the cutting board" and "stirring a pot of soup". I simply loved the kitchen.
There are other areas in her shop and many other creations to enjoy but because I like to write, I enjoyed the scribes desk and quill. Very rustic but hence the name, Rustic Valley.
Maybe you will get a chance to visit this fabulous shop and...

Enjoy Life!