Monday, February 1, 2010

Feeling awful

Today was a snow day and I am feeling awful. The child in this picture sums up what I feel like right now. I've got a terrible cold and I want to replace my nose with one that is not stuffy.
If crying would help I would do it but as it is I think that would require energy I don't have right now.
I am going to try to make a cup of tea with honey and lemon. That sounds like a simple task but when you are not well, it takes hours to do the simplest of things.
By the way, I got this picture from a Tim Holtz tutorial. I want to give him props as I have loved all of his tutorials and maybe one day I will try them out.
Well, it's back to making my tea. I do hope I feel better soon so I can ....
Enjoy Life!

My Pink Stamper

I love the pink stamper and I hope to make some bread today too:)
Click for a link to her youtube videos. You will be amazed!

Enjoy Life!