Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's In The Box?

What a lovely day I had today. Despite whatever is happening in real life, I can come spend time in second life, create, and suddenly life is just a little sweeter.

I am grateful for my friends in second life. Thank you for kind words, you'll never know what they mean.

Well, I visited with a friend and we had a good chat. Afterwards, I had this idea to create boxes. Not an original one to be sure but I just felt like it and so I DID IT! I am not a designer by any standards but I love getting fancy boxes in real life. I usually don't care for what's in them as people really have no clue what to get me. I have always enjoyed the beauty of a well crafted box. They are also great to store things in too. As I am just now putting Christmas decorations away, I appreciate them now more than before.

Above, you will take note of my black and white box with a bow. Actually you can't see the white part but the bow comes from a second life dress. I thought that was a clever way to use the bow. Anyway... I had a great time making boxes today. I made square ones and round ones. It's all good.

I took pictures and filmed today as well. I need to get my staged pictures organized a bit better next time as it is very confusing and frustrating when I don't work with a proper storyboard.

I made a cell phone! Okay, it's not a great looking cell phone but it worked with my phone animation. I was pretty happy with it and it all worked with my filming so how bad is that?

I spent some quality time at the beach. Oh my, the sound of the ocean can always clear my head. Well, long enough for me to fall asleep. The sound of the ocean has a lulling affect on me, just as the sound of some voices.

To end the day I will listen to some scary stories and call it a very good weekend. Just think, there is still more second life left for next time.

Enjoy Life!