Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mad World?

Today someone sang this song during an audition. To be honest, I had never heard it before. I don't think I understand it fully but I do know I enjoy the song. The song paints different images that tie in with the title. I would guess the songwriter is a young visual artist who loves watching the world around them and who has done a fabulous job expressing the images that are concrete yet abstract. I don't know if it's a Mad World either. I don't see the world as Mad. Maybe we are just controlled chaos and some are just off a bit at times but not Mad.
In any case I do like the song and hope you will too.
Enjoy LIfe!

There is a musical I am working on (I'm always working on something). Here is part of a song I came up with in a raw state at the moment. The inspiration came from a recent conversation in the online game of Second Life. The person I was talking to was going through a difficult time.
The more I listened the clearer the picture became to me. It was a picture so many others have painted before. I felt really bad for this person but never expressed anything but compassion for the situation. What I really thought was,"What a waste". Here was this person spinning their wheels trying to be all things for someone and really didn't have a clue it was pointless.
How could you help but feel sorry for someone who simply can't see the whole picture. I have faith that one day they will see things clearly. In any case this song was born from that conversation. It's in a raw state but I wanted to share it with you.

Enjoy Life!