Saturday, January 10, 2009


I can't tell you the joy I had today. I spent much of the day pondering about different projects I want to do. I had the opportunity to visit a cute little house on a mountain top. It was amazing to me because it was really built on top of a mountain. I sat there, had some coffee, and thought about how wonderful most people are. Someone created such a wonderful piece of art work and they allow all residents to enjoy it. What a wonderful show of citizenship.
Later I was so inspired by the 1945 movie, Enchanted Cottage, that I spent time at a favorite cottage and took pictures. I love that movie and get so emotional everytime I watch it.
There is such wonderful composition in second life. What a wonderful backdrop for soooo much. Ideas just run about in my head. I enjoy entertaining them. Will I ever create all the ideas I have? Well, maybe.