Sunday, September 27, 2009


I went to Denmark in the online game of Second Life. It was very nice. I didn't understand the language so it was a bit limiting but there was so much to enjoy that the lack of language skills was not an issue.
If you would like to go, here is the address: Denmark/123/137/22/?title=Wonderful Denmark
Have a wonderful time and...

Enjoy Life

Lurpak Butter

Now this looks good and it's EASY. I like when it's easy.
This cake is very easy to make, because it doesn´t need to be baked. In Denmark, it is a popular cake for children of any age. The recipe is easy enough for most children to prepare themselves.

I have a young one who is at the age where projects must be done for school. I think I get more excited about them than she.
For this next product we (and when I say we I mean she) has to research Denmark and in addition to the list of things she has to gather together for her presentation, she also has to bring in a covered dish from Denmark. Hmmmmm.
I thought long and hard about this one. We (and when I say we I mean me) decided that Danish cookies would be a wise choice. We even went out and purchased some butter from Denmark. I wouldn't know where to start to get Danish eggs, so we will settle for the butter.
I decided to look up some information about the butter and noticed the website also had recipes. I looked through them and saw several we could do. The pictures looked great!
What was interesting to note was how simple the Danish cookie recipes were and they weren't very sweet. In American recipes especially the ones I have seen in the south, have loads of sugar.