Sunday, August 9, 2009

Farmers Market

Well, I went to the Farmers Market today and I stopped by the barn too. It was a fun adventure overall. I tell you, the artists in the online game of Second Life continue to amaze me with the use of their imagination.

I laid under a tall tree and listened to the lovely farm sounds. There were mostly chicken and eggs in the area I went. I loved the big tractor. Very well built. The artist was Punky Pugilist. Cheers Punky!

I saw chicken and what looked like turkeys too. They spoke and asked for food. They asked specifically for fresh sionChicken food. They even told you where to purchase it. It looked like a chicken and clucked like a chicken. I suppose it is the best Second Life chicken there is.

Maybe you would like to go. The name of the sim is Indulge. Go and...

Enjoy Life!