Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Stuck on Stupid

This song is not meant as rude as it may sound to some.
Sometimes people get stuck on stupid for many reasons. Some reasons include, low self esteem, nervousness, and a host of others not mentioned.
In this song the person knows exactly what to do in math class after instruction, however, once they are on their own, things change. Everything seems to fly out of their head and they don't know how to work out the problems anymore.
When the teacher pulls them up to go to the board, they really get stuck.
Sometimes despite how much we really want to do something, we get ourselves stuck. We try so hard to get "unstuck" but get even more so because we are not looking at what is the real problem.
So I believe if we just relax and concentrate on the work things will go better. I didn't say it would be perfect but maybe, just maybe, if we relax we can get through the sticky stuffy and the breeze through on brilliance.

"I bet you're wondering, what I'm doing here
How I got this crazy look on my face
Here we go again, trying to work this out
In the classroom everything goes alright
On my own I can't work it out
Walk me through it
On how to do it
Step by step, I don't want to loose it
I get stuck on stupid
It's so frustrating
It's agitating
The teacher tells me to get on up
Just get on up
Get your stuff
Get your stuff and go to the board
She starts to explain, going faster than rain
I hear mumbo plus gumbo, equals astro turf
Cross your T and don't forget X before Y
I'm stuck on stupid
I'm stuck
Give me a hand
I wanna understand
Slow it down
I know I could get this.... really"

It was a great deal of fun creating this and I hope you get a laugh or two. It was writting in fun and that helps me....

Enjoy Life!!