Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beautiful Cottage

I purchased another one of Julia Hathor's cottages today. It just came out earlier today and it is gorgeous. Her work is simply the best!
If you would like to get one too here is the address: Falls/14/120/22/?title=Serenity Falls
I wish I had somewhere to place this one but I don't. I purchase cottages and other works of art because I want to support the honest hard working artists in the online game of Second Life.
Julia is a dear friend but she is also a fabulous artist Second Life could not do without.
Enjoy Life!

Guess what?

Isn't this lovely? I ordered it today. Collecting handmade pepper mills has been a bit difficult for me as I tend to give such treasures away to my treasured friends (or those I thought were my treasured friends). I've actually made the mistake of giving one to a non treasured friend once so the rest are in the hands of great people and I am really happy they have them.
So, I would like to say I will add this one to my collection but knowing me I just don't know how long I will have it. If I do give it away, I hope it will be to someone who really is a treasured friend.
Bert makes them and he is still getting better from a serious heart attack right now I was sad to hear. He is a fabulous artist as you can tell from just one of the many pepper mills he has created. I do hope Bert is able to continue what he loves to do for as long as he chooses to do so. Love ya Bert!
Enjoy Life!

A Round-Heeled Woman

One of my favorite actors, Sharon Gless, is not only an actor but a creative and intelligent business person.
She hired a playwright to turn a novel into a play she is currently in. I have not read the book, yet, but understand it is very good. The play runs until Feb. 7th.
I wish I was not afraid to fly or I would go. It sounds like something I would simply love.
Anyway, I hope to get the book soon and be satisfied with that.

Enjoy Life!