Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rainy Day Feeling

Today is a rainy day. Unlike some, I really enjoy rainy days. I enjoy them most when I am with the one I love. It's a great time snuggle up and... go to sleep. Anyway, that's what I will do now. If you want to enjoy the video, you will need to go down to the bottom of this page and turn off/ pause the music and then start the video.

Enjoy Life!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In a Blink

It's amazing what can occur in a blink. I'm talking in a part of a second, things can happen. The good news is, good things can happen in a blink just as bad things can happen.

I have always thought that life is about change and how we deal with the change will determine the quality of our life.

In the online game of Second Life, we get to manipulate.That is difference between real life and second life. It's very similar to theatre in that way too. On stage every night, I can get shot, die and come back to life. Can't do that in real life. Hence there is a huge danger for those who can't tell the difference between rl and sl.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Natalie Cole

I took a break from the online game Second Life and saw Natalie Cole perform. Overall it was a lovely evening. The songs were familar and made me remember special times in my life. Funny how a song can trigger memories like that.

My favorite song of the evening was when there was a duel between Natalie and the horn player. It was incredible! She won. I couldn't tell you the name of that song because it became its own creation by the end. I call it, Incredible.

My other favorite song was Unforgettable. Watching her watch the screen with her father was touching and something I will remember.

The performance was a wonderful testament to her inner strength. I hope we all left with a little more inspiration than we came in with.

Enjoy Life!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Thinking

Well, it's another Friday! Just a few more of these and spring will be here. I LOVE the word FRIDAY!
Today I had the great opportunity to sit and think. There is so much around us to think about. At the root of all that is creative, is a simple thought. This can often lead to a question and then into a process that is different for every artist. I appreciate and respect that process. The outcome is more times than not, some work of greatness. If you enjoy or understand the art produced, is totally up to you. What makes me more than just a little upset, is when others don't respect any part of the artists process and take what is not theirs. There are those who feel it is simply alright to claim anothers work as their own.
I could really go on for days about how this is not right but somewhere in all of us, we know what is not right and what is wrong. The simple truth, unfortunately, is that even those who know it's wrong to take things that others work hard for, still feel the world owes them something. I will never agree to that line of thinking. I simply live my life trying to be responsible and pray that one day the others will stop their evil ways.
We can't let those unfortunate souls keep us from doing great things. To all the artists who do wonderful work only to have others steal it, know that their sunshine will not last long. Continue to do what you do and don't let them stop you, otherwise, they win.
Enjoy Life!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Give Leave

Interesting, the things that make me contemplate. Sometimes I think, I think too much. The danger there is actually finding answers you don't want to. I find, when people are permitted to think out loud they have extraordinary things to say. Recently, I had the opportunity to hear the thoughts of young adults. They were permitted to express themselves in the form of a poetry slam. I was never so amazed but not at what you might think. The standard phrase I heard over and over again throughout the audience was, "When we were that age, we did not have thoughts like that".

I'm not sure if we never had the same thoughts but rather, I think we didn't have opportunities to express them. What the young people were expressing were what many young people think and feel at that age. I do agree however, some of the talent was incredibly strong. I find, however, when you raise the bar, people tend to meet or exceed it.

Enjoy Life!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

In My Thoughts

I don't know what the weather is where you are but outside of my house it is absolutely beautiful. There has not been such a lovely day that I have noticed in sometime. I want to run out and soak in the beautiful rays on such a day.

In Second Life the days are always beautiful, unless you desire something else. I once saw an avatar followed by a storm cloud. How odd, I thought to myself, that someone would want a storm cloud to follow them. In any case I am all for, do what makes you happy. If storm clouds make you happy then by all means create one because you can do that in second life.

I went to an art gallery today. I have been wanting to go to art museums in second life and just never made it as of yet. I was doing a search for something and this art place came up. I actually zipped over last night but it took so long to rezz that I just waited until today to visit.

What a lovely place it is. Not only do they have wonderful modern art pieces, they also sell bean bags. I hadn't seen those in years! I enjoyed looking at the modern art and the Asian inspired pieces of art too. I stayed for a long time and just pondered. It was positive pondering for me today.

Enjoy Life!


Yesterday was a terrific day. I was able to write and continue my line of short stories. It's been a slow process at times but I appreciate not being under the pressure to spit out a story under some timeline. I write a little and sleep a little. It's the best combination for my weekends.
During my time in Second Life yesterday I came upon the avatar you see above. Striking was all I could think. There have been many avatars that I thought were striking. From the skin and shape of an avatar to the clothing the avatar chooses for themselves. I thought he was well put together. I asked if I could take a picture because I wanted to put the picture on my blog so you can see what I saw. When it was time to part ways, I said, "Peace". He replied, "Peace my sister".
That's what we all need..... Peace.
Enjoy Life!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, real life responsibilities kept me from doing my blog thing. Real life and laziness too. I've been feeling rather sluggish. I don't need an excuse to be lazy, it's one of my unique qualities that I admit to. Even though I love blogging, I enjoy thinking about what to say and share too.

Recently, I've been doing a great deal of sketching. They are not good but I suppose everybody had to start somewhere. Next, I began to use color pencils and things began to look up. They still are not the best but I really enjoyed creating them.

My many trips to other blogs have really validated me. I feel like it's alright to be creative at any age. That fact is what I probably appreciate about second life. The people in second life are grown ups and they still love to create as I do. Creating and finding joy in creating new things is not just for any particular age group.

I'll admit to feeling guilty for wanting to create. I felt like I am suppose to be a grown up now and that part of my life is suppose to be over. I don't know where that rule came from, as no one actually told me, but rather it was a feeling that I either created or was implied in some way.

Anyway, most days I feel good about the possibilities. What will I do? What will I create? I can't tell you how good that feels to be able to have that opportunity. I hope others never take that for granted but rather celebrate it all of their days.

Enjoy Life!