Friday, February 20, 2009

Just Thinking

Well, it's another Friday! Just a few more of these and spring will be here. I LOVE the word FRIDAY!
Today I had the great opportunity to sit and think. There is so much around us to think about. At the root of all that is creative, is a simple thought. This can often lead to a question and then into a process that is different for every artist. I appreciate and respect that process. The outcome is more times than not, some work of greatness. If you enjoy or understand the art produced, is totally up to you. What makes me more than just a little upset, is when others don't respect any part of the artists process and take what is not theirs. There are those who feel it is simply alright to claim anothers work as their own.
I could really go on for days about how this is not right but somewhere in all of us, we know what is not right and what is wrong. The simple truth, unfortunately, is that even those who know it's wrong to take things that others work hard for, still feel the world owes them something. I will never agree to that line of thinking. I simply live my life trying to be responsible and pray that one day the others will stop their evil ways.
We can't let those unfortunate souls keep us from doing great things. To all the artists who do wonderful work only to have others steal it, know that their sunshine will not last long. Continue to do what you do and don't let them stop you, otherwise, they win.
Enjoy Life!