Saturday, June 2, 2012

What a Waste?

Today I was working on my book, The Adventures of Viv Writer. It is something that I really enjoy doing. When writing the stories, I throw myself into the situations and different perspectives of all of the characters in order to write for each character. It is a wonderful adventure.
Sometimes, however, I have to get into the head of personalities of characters that I don't always understand. Just by verture of being me, I don't understand every personality.
Arden is a character in my book. He is the love interest of the main character. I have a bit of trouble understanding his perspective at times. I surprised myself when I wrote this song because it really does define how Arden is feeling in the story.

I know I am not a traditional song writer. Maybe I am not a song writer at all but in anycase, this song managed to help me understand where Arden is coming from. As a result I can write for his character so much better.
In the story Arden is hopelessly in love with Viv and has been since they were children. Viv has never accepted his love as a more than a friend but finally when she begins to consider him as such, she creates a wall, a defense mechanism to be sure, and pushes him away.
Arden is ready to move on but finds that his love just can't be turned off. He is confused and upset at the fact that the love he has given Viv since they were young children has been wasted.