Sunday, January 18, 2009

Days End

Guess what I did today? If you guessed "create" then you guessed correctly. An opportunity came to me today to create. This time in the area of animations. I am not very good but I figure the way to get better at anything is to keep working at it. So, that is what I did today. The animations I am creating have me working in my second favorite place in the house... the kitchen.

Since I was a little girl pretty dishes excited me. I love to see an elegant table setting. They are so inviting. I have never given big formal parties but I have been to my share of them and the table setting was the best part of the evening for me.

One of my favorite television stations is the food network. There are several shows that trip my trigger but what really excites me are the pots and gadgets they use. I am in love with most of the kitchen sets and dream of having a kitchen like theirs.

In the online game Second Life, I can have that dream kitchen. The animations I am working on revolve around working in the kitchen. It's all exciting to me because at the end of the day, I get my dream kitchen and play in it too.

Enjoy Life!