Friday, February 13, 2009

I Give Leave

Interesting, the things that make me contemplate. Sometimes I think, I think too much. The danger there is actually finding answers you don't want to. I find, when people are permitted to think out loud they have extraordinary things to say. Recently, I had the opportunity to hear the thoughts of young adults. They were permitted to express themselves in the form of a poetry slam. I was never so amazed but not at what you might think. The standard phrase I heard over and over again throughout the audience was, "When we were that age, we did not have thoughts like that".

I'm not sure if we never had the same thoughts but rather, I think we didn't have opportunities to express them. What the young people were expressing were what many young people think and feel at that age. I do agree however, some of the talent was incredibly strong. I find, however, when you raise the bar, people tend to meet or exceed it.

Enjoy Life!