Monday, January 9, 2012

Wonderful, Wonderful. Oh So Wonderful My Love

I have really been digging the online game of Second Life recently. I've been hanging out and getting so motivated, inspired and recharged.
"Your head feels so good when you finally clear it.
If I saw a worry I wouldn't go near.
Come on kid, let's hear it for me"

I could sing this so loudly today and really mean it!

What a way to start the week right? Anyway, I have been doing alot of everything and catching up with everyone. I have really done well with making my lists of things that I need to do and sticking to them. I have decided not to put things on my list that I know I won't do. Believe me, it's best to start out like you can hold out.

Hanging out in the online game of Second Life seems to trigger all sorts of creativity and peaceful thoughts which clears my head and seems to work for me.

The longer I live the more I realise what makes me happy and what does not. Staying positive works for me and staying in a peaceful place really promotes clear thinking.

Just a little something that makes my clock tick and helps me....

Enjoy Life!