Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Atlantis Rising

I went to a concert tonight. It was really good and it was on the sim called, Atlantis Rising. I enjoyed the songs. The singer was Maximillion Kleene and he was really good. When in the online game of Second Life, I hope you get the opportunity to go to one of his concerts.
Next to Maximillion you might notice a cow. It was very funny to see the tipping cow every time someone gave him a tip.

The Beach

I've been enjoying the water today from the sandy dunes. I think this is the best way for me to have the best time.
I've been looking for a great chair in real life and in the online game, second life. I've discovered it's hard to find in both worlds.
I'm finished with those nylon chairs. I don't think those plastic chairs are comfortable. I really don't want to sit on a blanket or a low chair in the sand.
There is a chair out there with my name on it and I hope to find it in both worlds. If you have any suggestions please email me

Enjoy Life!