Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!!

Well, I am here at the lake and we are having a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July!
The celebration really began Friday and continues today.
I have several wonderful neighbors here and one in particular is a great cook.
She shared this recipe with me and it turned out great! This speaks volumes for me because while I can read, the dish does not always come out the way it should.
Anyway, this dish came out great and I was tickled pink about it.
You simply combine all of the above ingredients in a big pot and let it cook. Let's see now, the ingredients include, chicken breast, in a can, Texas Pete Wing Sauce, cream cheese, and blue cheese dress dressing. It's easy peasy:)
Put everything in one pot. I start with the cream cheese and move on from there. Once everything is in the pot and is melted and hot, it's ready. There is one very important thing to remember. Do not add the liquid from the cans of chicken breast. If you do, your dish will be "runny". This is easy to resolve if it does happen to you. You can do one of two things or both if you prefer. You can let it cook longer, so the extra liquid cooks out or you can add more chicken breast meat so it won't be so runny
Have a wonderful 4th and....

Enjoy Life!