Friday, May 17, 2013

About My Second Life

Well, I am having a lovely Second Life and I have been for a while now.
The online virtual game of Second Life does a wonderful job of entertaining me. This online game provides a solitude that quiets my spirit after a stressful or busy day.
I hang out in a place where I don't see others and that creates a perfect place of peace.
Clear thinking and creativity go hand in hand in my worlds (rl and sl). I have been able to design and create so many lovely ideas but it really doesn't stop there.
The virtual water nearby and the beautiful horizon does wonders for me. Soothing is a word I would use to describe how I feel when looking at the art of Second Life. Let me try to explain why. Picture if you would, a picture or painting you like to look at hanging on a wall and then imagine that picture moving as if it were alive. The beautiful moving art is indeed a pleasure to behold. I tresure this place and enjoy the time I get to relax there. It simply helps me to.....

Enjoy Life!!!