Sunday, February 3, 2013

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Loving the Choices you Give

I had the best time yesterday. I just had to hop on my blog and talk about it.
We don't have a Trader Joe's in my area. Very unfortunate, I know, but it is what it is. I won't even go there with how I feel about the people who make those decisions.

The first time I was able to go to Trader Joe's was in Washington D.C. I had a fabulous time but I had to stop and say, "How does one have a fabulous time in a grocery store?" Well, I must say it is possible. The people, the lovely choices, choices, choices made for a great experience doing what many people dread to do. I love changing things up, it's a personality flaw, I'm sure. Trader Joe's had so many items that I have not tried before. I look forward to trying everything.

On some level, I'm sure it reminds me of my youth. As a young person I was fortunate to grow up with so many different cultures. All sorts of cultural foods were there, around me for the trying. Where I am now... well, I don't want to sound negative because I do love (this cultural vacuum) where I live but there are not the choices one deserves. People here grew up happy with the same choices they will die happy with. It's unfortunate commentary but what is really sad is they have know idea how sad it is. I suppose ignorance is BLISS.

Anyway, life was good yesterday. While I can always hop in my car and drive miles and miles to  a place where people embrace choices, the reality is, it's not always possible.

Trader Joe's is a wonderful store, I really am glad you are out there. While I doubt the powers that be will ever allow you to exist in my area, I have faith some of the people in this area will take the opportunity to venture out and see the lovely items you offer.
I have always thought the close-minded, with the power and money are more dangerous than anyone.

Oh how I love choices. They help me......

Enjoy Life!!!!