Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boating Adventure

I went boating. What a wonderful adventure. A wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I can't think of a more peaceful way of spending an afternoon. A nap on the water is easy. Now, I gotta figure out what do to about the sun burn.
I love fishing but I must explain. I don't really know if what I am doing is actually called fishing. I am really just holding the fishing pole. I don't put worms on the hook. I think that is disgusting for all involved. I don't take the little fishy off the hook because I think that is dangerous. They will fin you. I do like holding the fishing pole especially if it matches my outfit. I get some exercise casting and reeling in but that is all. I love fishing from a pier or on a boat but it has to be a big boat. I don't like the little boats because I feel like I'm gonna fall out. So, I guess what I like to do is sit quietly and hope a fishy doesn't choose my baited hook. What would you call that? I call it fishing but I bet you don't.

Enjoy Life