Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who's a Lounge Lizard

Back in the day.....

Yeah you guessed it. I was a true lounge lizard. A group of friends and I would make the rounds to the various lounges in the area where other friends were performing. It was a fun time with great food, incredible jokes, and delightful music. I have yet to work with a more talented group of musicians.
Like clockwork each of us would be called up to sing a song. I don't know why "Rockin' Robin" was favorite of mine. I was also known to sing, "The Birth of the Blues".
Imagine my surprise when today I was stopped by a complete stranger who cautiously approached me and asked did I use to sing in a specific lounge. I couldn't believe someone was around who remembered those days. I did confess to being that singer and they were very pleased.
The compliments were lovely to hear but I think what I appreciated most was remembering a lovely time in my life.
I hope to always remember how blessed I have been with the rich experiences I have lived through.
Enjoy Life!