Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still Real

I was working on The Adventures of Viv Writer today. I love writing these adventures. They really seem to write themselves at times.
In this episode Viv is still trying to move on with her life with Arden. Unfortunately, memories of Chase still haunt her.
While she knows she is blessed to have Arden in her life she still remembers her life with Chase. The good times she had with Chase still make her happy to think about.
Where does that part of you go when you decide to move on with your life. Do you just turn it off? Do you not think about it anymore? That is not what Viv wants to do. She wants to remember Chase. Because her decision is to keep Chase alive in her head, she lives in conflict with the past and future.
Lucky for Viv, she has Arden, who loves her and can live with whatever she is going through. He is a kind gentle man who just wants Viv to be happy but even he has his limits.