Sunday, November 8, 2009

October Undead

Do you like listening to old radio stories? Do you like scary stories? Well, if the answer to both of those questions is, YES, then I have a place for you to go.

In the online game of Second Life there is a group called, OCTOBER UNDEAD. They have several campsites and we sit around listening to old scary stories from the past. It is absolutely fun. I listen to the stories with my husband because I am a bit afraid to listen to the stories by myself.

You will love it! If you join the group you can get information, so go ahead, sign up and...

Enjoy Life!

I went there again

Yes, I did go there again. I went to the beach and had a fabulous time.
I had what I love to call a , "Me Day".
It started out with my usual wonderful breakfast and then food shopping for the day. I purchased all sorts of treats for the days journey to the beach.
Listening to lovely relaxing music in the car, snacking on my favorite treats, and journeying to my favorite place in the world was a treat in itself.
The next best part of the day was, FREE PARKING. Apparently, after October 31st there is free parking isn't that grand? It was to me.
I indulged in picture taking, video taking and lolloping on the beach benches. IT WAS GREAT!
Would you like to see some pictures? Okay, you twisted my arm. In my next vlog, I'll show you kk?
For now I must go rest. Today, I can say I really did....
Enjoy Life!