Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just Fabulous

I went to the best reading tonight in the online game of Second Life. The actors were really talented. I am so glad to have gone. Even after all this time, I am still amazed and it makes me smile to witness such talent. I can't wait until the next reading. They seem to get better each time.
The reading tonight was with two actors. The other readings I had been to in the past had one actor but the one tongiht had two. There was such a great chemistry between the two actors. It was simply wonderful to listen to.

I hope you one day have the opportunity to join us in the online game of Second Life to hear the wonderful talents the actors give freely.

Enjoy Life!

Just Relax

It felt good to get away this weekend and JUST RELAX. I don't always get to do that during this time of the year.
We are now entering the holiday season. We kick things off with the trick or treat thingy. Our little one wants to be a cat... again.
I have got to plan a wonderful Thanksgiving menu. Last year was good but I want to make it better this year.
I'm sitting by the fire at Julia's new place in the online game of Second Life. I love it! The fire is beautiful just like all of her items. In a little while I shall go over and see her singing lamp posts. Julia is so creative. Who would have thought of singing lamp posts? Anyway, I'll sit by the fire in the Second Life and in Real Life and dream of my Thanksgiving menu. More on that later:)
Enjoy Life!