Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh my pretty bangles

I love bracelets! I found these in the online game of Second Life and really enjoy them. I wish I had some like it in real life.
In real life, I love the sound bangle bracelets make when you move your arm. Clang-clang. I have one and it is really pretty but without two they don't make the clang-clang sound.
Anyway, just wanted to show you my lovely SL bracelets. Slow day today and not much to report.
I did go to a wonderful talent show tonight. I am of the opinion that TALENT is relative. I had really stopped going to talent shows. If the truth be known, I don't know how to act at those things. Some of those poor young people up there looked terrified. They looked like someone forced them to be there.
Tonight, there was one little girl dressed like Uncle Sam, complete with a flag. OMG!!! The poor child. I cried through the whole song. God Bless America, yeah, but I was really wanted God to bless her heart. She didn't look like she wanted to do it and it didn't look like she wanted to be there. She got through it and at the end she and I were happy.
Is it right for parents to make kids try things they really don't want to do? Well, obviously I don't approve. I believe if someone shows a genuine interest in something, yes, by all means go for it.
When my daughter wanted to juggle for the talent show, I wasn't overjoyed but I did find myself at Barnes and Noble buying the complete set of how to juggle. Yes, she lost interest after about three days but at least she tried something new and she knows she is supported in whatever she wants to do.
Encourage and support our young ones. Making them do things you always wanted to do and things they are not interested in doing just does not sound like fun to me. They too should,
Enjoy Life!