Friday, May 7, 2010

A Terrific Week

I had an absolutely terrific week. It is about that time again when the teaching year is winding down. Everyone is looking forward to a lovely summer holiday.
I don't have anything planned. My life works best like that. I always take a class or two in something I find interesting and relevant. In fact I started a class today.
I'm learning to sew with a serger. I first learned to sew with a regular machine while in college. I took a costume design class and it was the best thing ever. I had so much fun and I can't tell you how valuable that training was. I never learned how to use the serger and was always scared because of all the spools of thread and such.
After lesson one I know so much and I can report that I am no longer fearful of threading the serger.
Life in the online game of Second Life has been interesting too. I continue to meet people I would never meet where I live and we share experiences. I still say that the residents in the online game of Second Life are the most talented and creative people I have never seen:)
I finally had the opportunity to watch the movie Avatar. I was so impressed by many things. It is a long movie and if I am going to be honest I can't really critique it because I have not seen the whole movie. I fell asleep. It is a long movie!
Anyway, in the part of the movie I saw, the humans "link" up with an avatar and join other avatars. The similarities are extreme in comparison to the online game of Second Life and I do wonder if those involved in that nine year venture ever played the game.
I suppose I should start earlier watching the movie so I can see the whole thing. It's not a school night so maybe I can stay up.
Who am I kidding? During this school year I have gotten into a pattern. When the sun goes down, so do I. It's not a bad thing actually. I've felt really rested in the morning. With the proper rest I have been able to....
Enjoy Life