Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I went on a tour this past weekend. It was incredible.
The houses on the tour were rice plantations. The history of the houses was thought provoking. I was so engaged that I did further research on many of the plantations.
When the rice plantations were "no more" they became huge hunting lodges for the most part. The owners were wealthy people from the north who whould journey to the plantation to hunt whatever was on their land during certain times of the year.
Many of the current plantation owners today have tried to preserve the homes. I was surprised that many still live in the homes full time. I shouldn't be surprised though. The views from theses home are lovely and that is an understatement. The front of the homes face the river which is has really grown over with....stuff. The houses were sometimes a combination of the days of old and today.
The gardens are so beautiful. I am sure the upkept on them is a daily job. Walking around and taking pictures make the day one of my favorites.
Getting in and out of the car was exhausting but somehow once in the home or walking in the gardens, I felt refreshed.
I am very afraid of nature that moves, especially the kind that moves quicker than I do. For the most part I tried to forget that fear and enjoy the best mother nature has to give.
At the end of the day there was a tea held at a church that was over hundered years old.
Fabulous day! It was a day that helped me.....

Enjoy Life!