Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fog Blog

Well, this was a creative day. I spent the day taking pictures and reading. In between all of that hard work I took naps. Who invented weekends? I love you and I love weekends!
Reading other blogs was very informative and it gave me new creative inspiration. I think some are born more creative than others. I am just amazed by what people create. Now, I don't say I understand everything they create and really, I don't think I'm suppose to. I just take what I can from it and move on. That seems to work best for me.
I talked for a long time to a newbie in the online game Second Life. It was wonderful to hear thoughts from someone in the position I was in not that long ago. I was actually amazed that someone that new was that advanced. It took me along time to learn how to do things that avatar was doing. I have noticed many newbies love wings. They do look like fun!

Enjoy Life!