Thursday, September 17, 2009

My tears....

OMG! I can't tell you how sad I am right now. The music is so powerful and special.


You know, I continue to appreciate people that have passed on. Something else my mentor taught me was how to make a quilt. I remember thinking what an easy process it was and the ultimate exercise in recycling. Even before my daughter was born I made a quilt for her which she loves and still has on her bed. My hope is that maybe one day she will pass it on to her child.
My mentor had the prettiest quilts I have ever seen. Many were passed on to her from her family members.
In the online game of Second Life I have seen some lovely quilts as well. The designs are simply wonderful. I think there are clubs too for quilters.
While walking through a flea market this summer I ran across someone who was selling her Grandmothers quilts.Even though I didn't know her, I spoke firmly to her and asked her not to sell such a lovely family treasure. With tears in her eyes she responded that she needed the money and had no choice. I did purchase them for more than she was asking for. I don't use them and will never sell them. They are lovely. I wish I could give them back to her and know she won't sell them again. They really do belong in her family. I will keep them safe and hope the day will come when they will be returned to her.
"Why are we here but to help others"
Enjoy Life!